Selected publications

This is a selected list of publications, presentations, quotes, etc. primarily related to my professional activities as an industry analyst and at Red Hat. I have attempted to distill a very large (and, at this point, not fully extant) list down to items that may be of current or historical interest. Where published pieces remain on their original site, I point to them there. However, in some cases, I host documents on this site that are no longer available elsewhere.

Books (free PDF downloads)

Personal blogs with a professional slant

Red Hat

I have been a technology evangelist at Red Hat since 2010 and have been mostly focused on emerging technology of various sorts. This is a partial list of things I've written or otherwise created during that time.

CNET: The Pervasive Datacenter

Between 2007 and 2012, CNET had a blog network of external writers and I had a blog there called The Pervasive Datacenter. Much of what I published there was cross-posted on Illuminata's blog although I also wrote some more general interest pieces relating to photography and other topics. This is where most of my blog-length writing from that period was published.

Illuminata research

Between 2001 and 2010, I wrote a large number of research notes and other publications as an industry analyst at Illuminata. In this section, you'll find a (very) curated list of those publications that people may find interesting for historical and other reasons.

Data General