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Software from Bit Masons

This set of linked pages contains information about and pointer to various Bit Masons software products. Most of the products on these pages are not being actively maintained. Future software will depend on time and interest. At this point, any effort is likely to be modest and would most probably focus on Linux and/or a platform independent implementation.

All current Bit Masons software is either "Freeware", Open Source, or Public Domain. No money is being solicited for any programs that were previously shareware (and no support is being provided).

What's New

I've been playing around with some Java programming using Sun's NetBeans 5.5 IDE, primarily for the Matisse GUI builder. As a programming exercise, I reimplemented a little Unit conversion calculator (things like inches to feet as well as a lot more exotic stuff) that I originally wrote and sold as a Windows shareware application way back when. Unfortunately, that app used some old Win16 libraries so it was sort of broken on current systems.

In any case, this new app largely recreates the previous version's function (including the ability to customize the unit database and add information about the units which the program will display). It's written in Java, so it should run on anything with reasonable graphics that has J2SE 5.0 or later installed. I've tested it on Windows XP and SUSE LINUX 10. It could still stand some polishing; e.g. it doesn't have an installer. But it appears to basically work. You can download it here:

Convert 3.0 is the latest (but still old) native (i.e. C++) version of that program. To access hints, bug reports, and other information about Convert 3.0, click here. If you wish to run Convert without the shareware "nags" use the serial number 320645.

Directory Freedom

Directory Freedom is a small and fast (but fully featured) file manager for DOS-based environments. You can also run it under Windows, but it does not include support for Windows 95 long filenames. Obviously the ranks of DOS users continue to thin, but if you're a holdout then maybe this program would be useful for you. I have no plans for revisions or enhancements.

DF source files are now available under the terms of the General Public License (GPL). [UPDATE: 6 Nov 2003. There is apparently a chain of ownership of the Spontaneous Assembly libraries used in a few locations withing DF although no further development or support is being done. See this link. Directory Freedom uses a relatively small number of lines of code from this product (in many cases at least somewhat modified). See the DFSA.ASM module. However, I make no representations of the degree to which this code places any restrictions of DF source code usage. I suggest contacting the current owner of Spontaneous Assembly with any questions.]

Bit Masons Software Archive

The latest software from Gordon Haff and Bit Masons is always available here. Available programs include:

Plus other odds and ends.

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