Once upon a time...

You didn't need a hard disk for your personal computer (which was fortunate because disks back then looked and sounded like unbalanced washing machines).

Today's small, high-capacity disk drives have changed all that. But doesn't it frustrate you that the programs which are supposed to help you manage all that capacity take so much of it for themselves?

End the frustration with Directory Freedom!

Because it is written 100% in assembly language, Directory Freedom provides all this and more in a standalone 35 KB program:

Ideal for both the latest Pentium system and the most venerable laptop, Directory Freedom addresses the needs of both the novice unsure about cryptic DOS commands and the experienced user who just wants to avoid typing in whole lists of filenames.

Just a few of the comments made by satisfied customers:

And, from ComputorEdge magazine:

Click to download the latest DF software

Directory Freedom and its sources are now being distributed under the General Public License (GPL). I am making the sources available under the terms of that license agreement.

You can also download the sources here. This archive file with the sources includes the current software distribution so this is the only file you need.

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