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Units conversion calculator for Windows 3.1. Many conversion factors plus user modifiable data files. Completely rewritten from v2.0. Fixes incompatibilities and bugs, offers improved ease of use, and introduces a fun and educational InfoWindow feature.

Freeware (All for DOS Environments)

Small (main program < 35KB) and fast directory manager. Move/copy files, create archives, change time/date/attributes, a detailed system information screen, and much more. Advanced user-defined commands and SmartViewers; includes archive viewers. DF 4.61A fixes Y2K-related sorting problems in addition to some system information screen fixes. Directory Freedom is used by businesses, individuals, and governments around the world and has been highly praised in many magazine articles for its efficiency, ease of use, and configurability. Although it's a DOS program, many users even use DF under Windows as an alternative to the File Manager.

the last word is a quotations trivia game in which one to four players compete against each other and their own high scores in identifying the sources of quotations and completing partial quotes. Most answers are entered free-form and are matched against a set of acceptable responses with a sophisticated pattern-recognition algorithm. the last word was featured as one of the best games of the year in PC Computing's Dec. 1991 issue which called it "a nice break from less thoughtful, shoot-'em-up action games." You don't need a Pentium to run this game with acceptable performance; even an 8088 (remember those?) will do. (The "full" version (i.e. the registered version from this program's shareware days) is now posted here.)

Edit, delete, and copy Volume labels (even with non-standard characters, spaces, etc.) and serial numbers.

Extract a list of subroutines from assembly language programs.

Rename files based on the current date or time. Use for archiving log or message files.

Inserts a CR/LF at record_length intervals into a file. A common reason to do this would be to add CR delimiters to a fixed-record datafile to allow processing by programs that require such delimiters (such as AWK or derivatives such as GAWK (Gnu AWK)).

Create test files.

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