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makalu.jpg - 29.2 K Makalu from Selele, Nepal. 800x358 JPEG, 29K.

These pages display some photographs and provide some commentary about three trips which I have taken in Nepal -- in 1992, 1996, and 1998. You can go individually to each trip and to city scenes from the Kathmandu Valley and Biratnagar or you can go through the entire collection starting from the bottom of this page. To see the full-sized version of any image, just click on the image. The 1998 pages also provide photo information if you just pass your mouse pointer over the image.

Technical Details

The photographs in this exhibit are JPEG files commonly ranging in size from about 25K to 125K. 800x600 or 640x480 pixels are typical resolutions but it varies. For display purposes, most of the photographs have been scaled down on the individual pages but clicking on them will bring up the full-sized photograph. Most any remotely current browser for PC's will handle JPEG images but some older ones on PC's or UNIX workstations may require the use of an external viewer. The photographs were all scanned using PhotoCD technology. I did most of the image processing work using Adobe Photoshop. Except for those images which have had obvious artistic effects applied, most of the image processing is of a fairly lightweight color balance, contrast, or brightness adjustment nature. In the couple of cases where I've done something which materially changes photo content, I make a note of that fact.

The original films covered a fair range but most of the 1992 photographs were shot using Kodachrome 25, 64, or 200 and most of the 1996 photographs were shot using Lumiere 100 and 100X (LPP and LPZ). 1998 photographs used primarily Ektachrome E100SW (which basically replaced LPZ) along with a few rolls of Kodachrome 25 in the Olympus. Most shots were taken with a Canon A1 equipped with a 28-200mm lens (Vivitar in 1992, Tamron in 1996/98). Additional pictures were taken with a Rollei 35 in 1992 and an Olympus XA in 1996/98.

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