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Dec 29, 2006:
This page has been redesigned. In large part this reflects that dynamic content, such as new photos, will increasingly tend to be hosted on other services rather than these pages directly.
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This is the web site for Gordon Haff and Bit Masons. It was originally developed primarily in support of my software business, most notably my Directory Freedom file management software for DOS. I spend far less time on software development today and what remains in wholly non-commercial. However, all past and present software can be obtained in the Bit Masons software section of the site.

You can also find web pages that provide some basic biographical information on myself as well as miscellaneous documents, written either by myself or by others, that I've added over time. There are also several photo galleries which cover some of my past trips--such as to Nepal.

Going forward, this site will be relatively static and primarily point to other locations for new content. Most of my new photography is being posted on flickr. My personal blog is called Connections; it is concerned with new ways to interconnect and collaborate using technology--as well as a variety of other topics of personal interest, such as photography.

This site also hosts some pages for the sea kayaking group within the Paddlers Committee of the Boston AMC. This includes the calendar for the current year, some information about trip levels and other things related to participating in trips with our group, various general sea kayaking information and other links such as to books, and a signup form for our email announcement list.

You can email me at gordon (at) bitmasons (dot) com.