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My Red Hat colleague William Henry and I have a new ebook about software packaging. Free download!

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Most of my current photography is on flickr. This site has some older photos and commentary.


I frequently speak at events. If you're looking for a speaker on relevant tech topics, let's discuss.

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I'm technology evangelist at Red Hat but this is a personal site and opinions are mine alone.

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This is my default outlet for publishing mostly tech-related stuff. However, I write and produce content for a lot of channels.

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Travel and Bistros

New for 2018. I'm splitting out my various outside interests from my professional writing.

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Given a new book out and a desire to provide a better "one stop shop" for access to all my content, I'm doing a fairly major roto-tilling of my website. Much of it dates to the 1990s with only occasional patches and partial updates. As a result, you'll find some stubs and other incomplete content as I focus on the functional parts that need immediate attention. I'm hoping to wrap things up by the end of 2017.