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2017 note: As noted below, I mostly only put photos up on flickr these days. As time permits, I'll be culling and cleaning up this site to only include those photos that have associated commentary or other materials.

Many things have changed since I initially created these pages. The photographic world is rapidly shifting towards digital and photo sites make it simple and inexpensive to host and share photos. Furthermore, I find that I have less time and interest than in the past creating a lot of hand-crafted web pages for my photographs. As a result, I will certainly continue to take photographs--especially with my new EOS 5D digital camera--but I expect that I will post far more of those photographs on my flickr photostream than as web galleries here.

About the Photos Here

There are a few technical comments about the photographs scattered throughout. The pictures were taken over many years, so there's quite a variety of equipment and films. The majority, however, were taken with a couple of different Canon A-1 bodies. The A-1 is still generally my equipment of choice when I'm limited in what camera equipment I can reasonably carry to remote locales. Other photos were taken by various old compact 35mm cameras (of which an Olympus XA was a longtime favorite) and a Nikonos (which I still use) for nastier environments. I also have some Canon EOS equipment for those times when I'm hauling more gear, but I don't have much posted from such trips. Nor is there much, if any, digital here.

In terms of film, I used to be a real Kodachrome fanatic and only used Ektachrome when forced to by lighting conditions. I found the old Ektachromes went blue far too easily among other problems. These days though I've taken to using some of the new Kodak ISO 100 films. I'm especially fond of E100SW, a warm-cast film that replaced Lumiere. I've tried out various Fujichromes including Velvia (the great favorite of many professional nature photographers) but I've never been happy with the result. Too many colors just come out too "wrong" to my eye. I'm sorry to see Kodachrome 25 going away as I always preferred it to Velvia and the effective speeds weren't much different.

There's quite a variety of film respresented in these pictures, but the vast majority (if not all) is Kodak Ektachrome and Kodachrome slide film primarily: Lumiere, Ektachrome E100 and E100SW, Kodachrome 25 and 200, with maybe a few Ektachrome 400's scattered around.