Gordon's Favorite Science Fiction

Science Fiction, typically of the harder variety, is one of my favorite genres of literature. What follows are some of my favorites. This list is not intended to be a comprehensive survey of the history of SF, though a few works are included which are best enjoyed with a certain dose of, shall we say, historical perspective. There's a bit of fantasy to go with the SF here, but in general I avoid sword and sorcery (and lean towards the harder side of SF). This list also is primarily a survey of novels but a few shorter works also appear that I think are particularly noteworthy -- especially if they're from authors whose longer works are less outstanding. A few works are considered as series even though one or more of the series components may rank above the rest. Finally, this list is unabashedly personal; no consideration is given to supposedly "great" works which I didn't personally enjoy. 

Vinge, Vernor

Wyndham, John

Honorable Mentions (besides those mentioned above)